Cx Live is an evening seminar series that gathers developers, building owners, testing and commissioning firms, government bodies, manufacturers, consultants, contractors, interior design firms and facilities management firms for emphasising the essentialness of testing and commissioning of HVACR equipment for improving building performance.

Every seminar includes five case-study presentations by equipment suppliers, each followed by audience Q&A. The seminar is moderated by a representative from a testing and commissioning firm.

The audience comprises interior design firms, consultants, contractors, developers, building owners, data centre operators, facilities management firms and those government agencies that are directly or indirectly involved in policy, planning, regulation and enforcement towards achieving good energy efficiency (with a view to reducing indirect environmental emissions and good indoor environmental quality (IEQ). For building owners, data centre operators and facilities management firms, the interest in the seminar stems from the fact that the insights and recommendations can help them curb indirect emissions, reduce operation costs, improve reliability and improve occupant comfort through good IEQ.