The current edition of FoodChain is complete. We thank all our sponsors, partners and everyone who supported us in making this event a success! We look forward to welcoming you again for the next edition of the event.


Food Safety and Nation-Building

Addressing the fundamentals for better health, wellbeing and store profitability:

  • Paying heed to cold chain design, installation and O&M best practices for consistently reliable and energy-efficient cold storage facilities
  • The ins and outs of transport refrigeration issues – ensuring the thermal integrity and hygiene of fresh produce, poultry, meat, seafood and dairy across trans-border and national routes
  • The deployment of technological solutions like blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT)


The previous edition of the Food Chain conference succeeded in bringing to the fore the urgent need for sweeping and pervasive best practices in the transportation and storage of thermally sensitive food products. The 9th edition has a self-mandated goal of largely seeking age-defining technological solutions for addressing issues related to how food is stored and handled. It equally wants to support the popular call for legislation specific to cold storage design and construction, and to transport refrigeration. Read more »

Quotes from Speakers



An effective cold supply chain is critical in maintaining both the quality and safety of food products.

- Abdul Rashid, Chief Executive Officer, Pulseberry Health Consultants


I would like the conference to raise awareness about the need for continuous improvement in food safety and the importance of training managers and converting certification into competence.

- Richard Sprenger, Chairman, Highfield International


I would be discussing drinking water safety in Dubai, with emphasis on tap water and the efforts by Dubai Municipality in this area. I think this conference is going to set an important footprint in food safety and put a spotlight on drinking water, as well.

- Maythaa Abdulla AlHamidh, Food Health Inspection Officer, Dubai Municipality


The global food system is one of the most complex economic networks on the planet. Every part of the supply chain is critical to ensuring safe food and life to residents of the globe.

- Sheikh Dr Majid Sultan Al Qassimi, Director of Animal Health and Development, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment


Transportation is the weakest link in the cold chain and more focus is required on this area, to ensure that the food is delivered safely and in reducing wastage.

- Prakash Krishnamoorthy, Independent Transport Refrigeration Expert


Being a strong proponent of advocating food safety and food security in the region, this conference provides a perfect platform to reach out to all stakeholders with a message to innovate and stay ahead in pursuit of excellence.

- Dr. Suheel Ahmed, Group CEO, Arabian Farms Dev Co Ltd