Food Safety and Nation-Building

Addressing the fundamentals for better health, wellbeing and store profitability:

  • Paying heed to cold chain design, installation and O&M best practices for consistently reliable and energy-efficient cold storage facilities
  • The ins and outs of transport refrigeration issues – ensuring the thermal integrity and hygiene of fresh produce, poultry, meat, seafood and dairy across trans-border and national routes
  • The deployment of technological solutions like blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT)


The previous edition of the Food Chain conference succeeded in bringing to the fore the urgent need for sweeping and pervasive best practices in the transportation and storage of thermally sensitive food products. The 9th edition has a self-mandated goal of largely seeking age-defining technological solutions for addressing issues related to how food is stored and handled. It equally wants to support the popular call for legislation specific to cold storage design and construction, and to transport refrigeration. Read more »