The current edition of FoodChain is complete. We thank all our sponsors, partners and everyone who supported us in making this event a success! We look forward to welcoming you again for the next edition of the event.


The previous edition of the Food Chain conference succeeded in bringing to the fore the urgent need for sweeping and pervasive best practices in the transportation and storage of thermally sensitive food products. The 9th edition has a self-mandated goal of largely seeking age-defining technological solutions for addressing issues related to how food is stored and handled. It equally wants to support the popular call for legislation specific to cold storage design and construction, and to transport refrigeration.

Predict, prevent, protect

The role of technology in food safety and quality assurance has never been more profound

A palpable technological revolution is taking shape in the realm of food safety and quality assurance (FSQA). Food industry stakeholders are becoming more and more aware of the crucial nature of blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) for accurate and fast monitoring of food. For instance, Dubai Municipality expects to track the temperature control and humidity of shipments delivered either by sea or air and other parameters like how many times the container was opened, through using IoT. To elaborate, if a shipment enters the country with low temperature control, the regulation body will be able to automatically reject it, as it may pose a risk. Dubai Municipality expects to track every movement through the system, as a precursor to sharing data and acting against those that do not comply with food safety regulation. Further, the government body’s Food Watch app will help track food poisoning outbreaks, as it tracks food items and helps it “predict, protect and prevent” – all hallmarks of a food safety regime. If a food poisoning case happened, it will be easier to track down the food item responsible for the incident, by virtue of the fact that every element in the food network in the emirate is registered in the system.

Event Format

The Conference will follow the traditional format of a healthy mix of presentations and panel discussions, interspersed by structured audience involvement. The conference will feature Government planners, policy-makers, and regulation and enforcement bodies, who will be invited to share updates on codes and standards; specialised refrigeration consultants; specialised refrigeration contractors; facility owners (hypermarkets, wholesalers, 3PL); and manufacturers and suppliers of refrigeration and airflow equipment.