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Developing a thorough understanding of the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice, among other codes, as a precursor to stringently applying them to the design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the diverse profile of existing and new residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings, and of oil & gas facilities across the region.

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Key Topics

  • The new UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice (to be released on March 2, 2018), and its implications for the HVAC industry
  • Understanding the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice, among other codes, as the first step to incorporating fire safety measures in buildings and oil & gas facilities in the UAE and the region
  • Crisis management strategies through passive fire safety approaches
  • End-user requirements on fire safety (including specialised requirements in the oil & gas industry), and expectations out of the HVAC industry
  • and more ...

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Why you should attend?

  • Understand Government regulation, codes and standards, including latest updates
  • Gain insights into technological innovations and solutions that promote better fire safety through deploying
    state-of-the-art HVAC technologies
  • Explore cost-effective (low-hanging fruit) solutions to enhance fire safety across a wide range of building profiles,
    including financial models and case studies
  • Receive a certificate of participation towards PDH (Professional Development Hours)

TESTIMONIALS (from earlier editions of the conference)


An exceptionally relevant technical conference worth attending.

- Narayanan Govind, Manager Technical, Alserkal Establishment

The conference was very rewarding for me, professionally speaking. I was able to meet specialists in HVAC fire safety from all sectors.

- Anas Hadidi, Sr Mechanical Engineer, Mott MacDonald

Good conference, excellent PCAT term for progress.

- Jeff Dickinson, Head of Site Operations, Kingfield

Thank you for an informative conference on fire safety and HVAC systems.

- Chindu Chacko Kaippallil, Mechanical Engineer, Target Engineering Construction

It was a great forum for all stakeholders to come together, discuss, share ideas and experiences.

- Quresh Motiwala, Sales & Marketing Manager, Leminar

Very interesting conference.

- Ramon Tayeb, Global TEC Manager, R Hira LLC

Awareness among key stakeholders is the key in the success of a fire-safe environment.

- Dipak Bhadra, General Manager, Leminar AC Industries

Good beginning to highlight most critical but under-addressed topic – HVAC, fire and safety.

- Vilas Bakshi, (formerly Business Head (ME & A), Armacell ME)

Good effort to integrate the key elements of fire & life safety with the HVAC Industry and the fire safety systems it offers.

- K Anbalagan, Managing Partner, Proleed Engineering Consultants

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