Key Topics

  1. Government policies, strategies and implementation measures for improving indoor air quality in the UAE
  2. Saudi Vision 2030: How it is fostering better IEQ in the Kingdom
  3. Counter-measures to combat the scourge of frequent and severe sandstorms in the built-environment in Kuwait
  4. Key findings of The COGfx Study by Harvard University
    – Study 1: IEQ
    – Study 2: Buildingomics
    – Study 3: Global Buildings
  5. Tesla’s high-profile Hawaiian venture
  6. A role for clean energy in addressing the long-felt need for balancing efforts for greater energy efficiency with good indoor environmental quality
  7. Looking at the renewable energy story in the GCC region
  8. Lowering the demand for ventilation through proper design and selection of materials (with low levels of volatile organic compounds)
  9. IEQ in schools and universities: A UAE story
  10. IEQ in healthcare
  11. IEQ in hospitality
  12. IEQ in underground car-parks and other basement facilities in the GCC region: Efficient and fail-proof strategies for monitoring and controlling carbon monoxide build-up, including recalibration of sensors
  13. Block chain and IEQ… as an enforcement mechanism
  14. Are open-plan offices the bane of sustainable development? A look at an integrated approach in project design, construction, installation, commissioning and handover. A role for building codes in ensuring building owners adhere to original intent of the building.
  15. The dichotomy between ‘building to occupy’ and ‘building to sell/rent out’, and the implications for IEQ and energy use
  16. The severe health implications of poor acoustical comfort