Key Topics

  • The inherent relevance of BMS and RMS solutions, or have they have been overshadowed by the emergence of new solutions?
  • The extent of influence of IoT- and AI-based predictive, intuitive and speedy solutions, and their onsite ability to offer real-time operational insights and alerts on equipment performance and potential breakdown scenarios
  • The cost of IoT- and AI-based predictive solutions to building asset owners – how affordable are they for building owners with varying financial capabilities, for greater uptake?
  • The level of expertise required of the inhouse engineering teams at buildings or a portfolio of buildings to be able to seamlessly work with IoT- and AI-based predictive solutions.
  • The effectiveness of IoT- and AI-based solutions in the context of shortfalls in design and installation, leading to equipment working at much less their potential, or not working in harmony with other equipment.
  • IoT- and AI-based solutions in the context of robustly addressing crucial indoor environmental quality (IEQ)-related concerns of buildings across the GCC region. How can they step into not only address energy and water efficiency but also improve air quality, thermal comfort and acoustical comfort?
  • Cyber-security