About the Event

Refrigerants Review is a Middle East-centric discussion on refrigerants that engages policy makers, regulators, scientists, technology solutions providers, service providers and end-users. To date, this unique conference platform has brought together regional and international stakeholders on two occasions to discuss broad issues, including the assessment of refrigerants from a Middle Eastern perspective, keeping in mind such factors as health & safety,energy efficiency, Global Warming Potential (GWP), Ozone-Depleting Potential (ODP) and Lifecycle Climate Performance (LCCP).

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Key Topics

  • Is R410A (GWP of 2,088) still the best bet for the dominant DX sector? With the phase down of HFCs in Europe, the price of R410A has climbed to unprecedented levels, a cause for concern among contractors, plus its availability in adequate volumes for new and existing buildings. What are the implications for the Middle East region?
  • How do the mildly flammable R32 (GWP of 675) and the nonflammable Solstice N41 or R466A (GWP of 733) stack up from a climate change mitigation point of view? What is the perception towards them, in relation to their GWP numbers? Do GWPs around the 700-level mark work in their favour, given that there is a growing clamour for refrigerants that are around the 400-level mark?
  • Are contractors open to dealing with even mildly flammable refrigerants?

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Why attend?

  • Learn first-hand about regulations and enforcement initiatives and measures by governments across the region
  • Opportunity to interact with technology solutions providers, service providers, consultants and contractors in arriving at strategies and solutions, as per specific requirements and as per overall goals to align with governmental regulations and corporate strategies towards safeguarding the environment
  • Opportunity to view the latest technological solutions showcased at the conference