Energy-conservation policies, withdrawal of subsidies and strong engagement between developers and consultants – these factors contribute to making Oman an attractive market for energy-efficient technologies and to paving the way for greater adoption of VRF systems.

The sale of VRF systems in Oman has grown substantially in value and total cooling capacity sold. Growth rates in market volume have been higher during the last few years. In the last five years alone, VRF systems have found vital acceptance in Oman and in other GCC region countries – this is evident in the number of new brands looking to enter the market.

In 2018 alone, the VRF market in Oman was valued between USD 20 and 25 million. The figure is expected to grow in the coming years, considering the fact that Oman is placing greater importance on power saving.

Indeed, energy-conservation policies are driving the uptake of VRF systems in the country. Most of the conventional, unitary-type units arguably do not have the flexibility of sensing the actual indoor conditions, and keep operating with frequent tripping of the compressor, as per the set temperature, overlooking whether actual load is there or not, says an industry expert based in Oman. In that context, he adds, a designer seeks a system that saves energy, conserves space, enhances ease of use, delivers a high measure of reliability and has the flexibility of a unitary system and part-load capability of a chilled water system, which can work at high-ambient conditions and can be installed in a short time. Recognition of the fact that multiple compressors can provide greater energy efficiency and comfort due to reduced short-cycling and increased equipment life, is leading to the use of VRF technology.

Oman offers a wealth of opportunities to VRF stakeholders, particularly manufacturers and suppliers, because despite being geographically smaller, it has the added advantage of being a less saturated market, compared to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This is motivation to conduct the 8th edition of the Middle East Variable Refrigerant Flow Conference in the Sultanate.

Event Format

The conference will follow the traditional and time-tested format of Plenary Session discussions and addresses involving government agencies and think-tanks, followed by technical presentations and panel discussions involving consultants, contractors, developers, industry associations, manufacturers and suppliers.