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With increasing pressure to reduce power consumption, energyrelated regulations have firmly come to the forefront in the GCC region. Bodies like SASO and ESMA moved into this a few years ago, and Qatar and Bahrain have launched MEPS programmes. How do these developments sit with the VRF industry, which according to manufacturers and suppliers of the technology, is on the road to achieving critical mass sooner than later. Are the regulations specific to the VRF technology? Is there a move to adopt the SEER approach to measuring the performance of VRF systems?

Equally, what is the level of sophistication the GCC region has acquired when it comes to the installation of VRF systems? Has there been progress compared to a year ago, in terms of better installation work through the region? Have manufacturers and suppliers escalated efforts to offer better installation support? Is this the case with all manufacturers and suppliers?

The above questions form the basis of the 5th Annual Middle East Variable Refrigerant Flow Conference. They have informed the specific topics that need to be discussed for the sustained relevance, growth and wellbeing of the VRF industry.


The Conference will follow the traditional format of a healthy mix of presentations and panel discussions, interspersed by structured audience involvement. The conference will feature Government regulation bodies, who will be invited to share updates on codes and standards; consultants; contractors; developers; and manufacturers and suppliers of VRF systems.