SASO offers its support to the 6th Annual Middle East VRF Conference in Saudi Arabia

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The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) endorses the conference and confirms participation as a Plenary Session speaker

Dubai, UAE, 8 February 2018: The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has offered its endorsement to the 6th Annual Middle East VRF Conference, to be held on March 19 in Riyadh.

SASO will also be presenting during the Plenary Session of the conference, widely expected to attract government bodies, trade organizations, developers, consultants and contractors. The focus of the presentation will be on Saudi standards for small air conditioners.

The conference will be taking place in Saudi Arabia for the first time ever, after seeing successful runs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Besides SASO, the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) has confirmed its participation as a speaker.

Other speakers at the conference include Khalid A Al Mulhim, Business Development Director of Suhaimi Design – Protecooling (Saudi Arabia), Tarek M Al-Sitt, Senior Standards Researcher, Standards & Metrology Department of GCC Standardisation Organisation (GSO), Amjad Ibrahim, Senior Engineer of Al Qudra Holding/Real Estate (UAE) and Nicos Savvides, Senior Mechanical Engineer of A&P Group of Companies.

The fifth/last edition of the conference, held in 2017, attracted widespread participation from the industry. One of the attendees, Nabil Shahin, Director of Marketing at Daikin, described the event as a great forum to discuss SEER. Another attendee, Tariq Al Ammour, Managing Partner of  ITAC Construction LLC, said, “It’s a great change to discuss the system issues with its professionals to sort out and understand more details”.

The event will have discussions on Milestones and accomplishments: Tracing the positive experiences with VRFs in projects in the GCC region: Developer and consultant perspectives, Update from GCC Standardization Organization (GSO): ‘Minimum Energy Performance Requirements and Testing Requirements for Air Conditioners’, Aligning VRFs to the smart city, Building Internet of Things (BIoT) and broad e-initiatives sweeping through the region and The net-zero-energy revolution.