Saudi Arabia is the theatre of unparalleled growth and development in 2023. Whilst the earlier years of the decade revealed grand ambitions, 2023 has seen a revving up of the action. And District Cooling is an inherent feature of the narrative. The Kingdom is proving to be quite the magnet for substantial investments and new ventures. Case-in point is the recent signing of an agreement by Ajlan & Bros Holding, United District Energy International (the global arm of Qatar Cool) and Marubeni Corporation to form Diarona District Energy Limited, in Saudi Arabia.

Diarona is but one more exciting chapter of growth in the Kingdom. Indeed, the 8th Edition of DC Dialogue has an opulent backdrop of developments, which are opening up opportunities and possibilities. Whilst exciting, they also place a burden of responsibility on the District Cooling industry to respond with a model that meets the expectations of all stakeholders in terms of environmental stewardship, delivery of service and optimisation of cost. Saudi Arabia has a unique opportunity to give a beautiful expression of District Cooling, underpinned by bold and conscientious decision-making and seamless implementation of intent.

Event Format

The conference includes a traditional mix of policy and regulation-related addresses, techno-commercial presentations, case study presentations, panel discussions, and focused and structured audience interactions to receive the maximum possible information from energy policymakers in the planning, energy, environment and Renewable Energy sectors; master developers; developers; Building Owner Associations; general & MEP consultants; general & MEP contractors; sectoral endusers (healthcare, hospitality, aviation, education, retail, etc.); manufacturers; suppliers; and O&M and other specialised District Cooling service providers.