The 11th edition of Food Chain is an opportunity to hear from FSQA and cold chain-related engineering teams at food production, food processing and food supply (wholesale and retail) organisations in the GCC region. Presenting in tandem, they bring a unique synthesis of food safety and refrigeration best practices in their respective organisations and map out further areas of possible improvement, which is an opportunity for the cold chain industry to respond through a granular presentation of technological solutions that enable greater energy efficiency, reliability and overall reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Event Format

As per tradition, Food Chain leans heavily on a vibrant platform buzzing with the multitude of food safety & quality assurance (FSQA) and cold chain stakeholders. Through insightfilled Keynote Sessions, Technical Presentations, Panel Discussions and Structured Audience Engagement, in addition to a vital exhibition track, including walkthroughs and pre-arranged bespoke one-on-one meetings, Food Chain is an exercise in gratification and fulfilment. The proof is in the longevity of the event – a 11th anniversary is quite an extraordinary milestone in these transient times.

Why attend?

  • Opportunity to learn in-depth about the government’s new IT-based food safety and food security initiatives
  • Opportunity to gain updates on cold chain policies and legislation, plus crucially, regulation and enforcement measures for transport refrigeration and cold storage warehouses
  • Exposure to best practices in 3PL as a critical link to the cold chain
  • Exposure to storage and handling solutions and strategies in warehouses
  • Opportunity to share needs and concerns
  • Opportunity to view live demonstrations of a broad range of refrigeration equipment Opportunity to participate in a walk-through of a transport refrigeration fleet (including reefer trucks (low- and highceiling) and reefer trailers)