Modern-day building asset management is reportedly about IoT and AI-based solutions. We are firmly in an age of predictive, intuitive and speedy solutions, where real-time operational insights are becoming the norm, where issues relating to HVAC equipment can be predicted much before they occur. Apparently, commercial property owners, facility managers and operational teams have never had it this good.

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Key Topics

The inherent relevance of BMS and RMS solutions, or have they have been overshadowed by the emergence of new solutions? The extent of influence of IoT- and AI-based predictive, intuitive and speedy solutions, and their onsite ability to offer real-time operational insights and alerts on equipment performance and potential breakdown scenarios The cost of IoT- and AI-based predictive solutions to building asset owners – how affordable are they for building owners with varying financial capabilities, for greater uptake?

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Why Attend?

The broad incentives of attending the Forum are… Learn first-hand the direction the Government of Ras Al Khaimah is taking with a view to creating a digital landscape. Learn first-hand about digital solutions and the implications for the building industry. (Of deep interest to master developers, developers, building owners (individual and portfolio), consultants and contractors.)

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