Cooling control is an important, mission-critical consideration for robust data centre health and functioning. Over the years, data centre cooling has seen marvellous technological advances, which have ramped up reliability – in effect, protecting data worth trillions of dollars.

Just when it felt like the pinnacle had been reached, along came a paradigm shift in the form of immersion cooling of servers, as a significant replacement of conventional cooling systems.

Whilst the technology has been around for a few years now, a joining of forces – a consortium consisting of AG Engineering & Power , Lexzander, Refroid, 2CRSI and Noorvia – represents a significant leap of a total solutions approach. In effect, the consortium, consisting of diverse and specialised expertise, has the conviction and opportunity to say, “Mr Client, just give us a plot, and we will take care of the rest.”

This fresh and unique approach is central to the REFROID Immersion Cooling Conference by AG Engineering & Power.


The conference has a classical framework, encompassing an address, presentations, panel discussion and structured audience interaction. These are complemented by an exhibition, to be able to demonstrate the specifics of the technology in a profound and granular manner. Together, they create a sophisticated communication platform with a value proposition – of offering clarity and encouragement to embrace a transformative technology and reap the benefits of unparalleled cost savings (capex and opex), ease of adoption and speed of installation, amongst others.