Reducing carbon emissions through decarbonisation and ultimately becoming Net-Zero, is at the forefront of National and International agenda with several Nations setting Net-Zero goals at COP26, Glasgow. This is imperative without which the goal to limit average global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C in the long run, cannot be met.

These National goals can only be achieved through intensive actions at individual and corporate levels, whereby every consumer and every corporate need to work towards reducing carbon emissions. Real estate contributes to approximately 40% of global carbon emissions and, therefore, forms a priority area to decarbonise, primarily through energy conservation and adoption of renewables.

In order to supplement technical certification courses like CEM, CEMVP, LEED® etc., this course has been developed by an energy management industry veteran, to focus on translating energy conservation skillsets into structured and sustainable implementation programmes across corporations that intend to reduce their carbon footprints. Constructed based on 25 years of implementation experience, this course intends to provide students with real life skillset to convert their learnings into successful energy management programmes in any type of real estate facility.


This programme is designed by a real life energy management practitioner of 25 years, for:

  • CXOs who want to implement a successful and sustainable energy management programme across their corporation
  • Building operations personnel, professionals and consumers who aspire to be highly effective, real- life Energy Managers
  • Undergraduate engineering students about to enter the corporate world and who want to create an immediate impact through energy management
  • Graduate management trainees who want to develop a result-oriented sustainable development strategy for their organisation
  • Procurement professionals who are involved in buying energy management services for their organisations
  • Energy management service providers who want to improve their implementation skills and scale up their sales volumes
  • Energy management practitioners who want to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of their energy management projects/programmes


At the end of the programme, participants will learn:

  • The 7 habits of highly energy-efficient buildings
  • The top 5 reasons why energy management programmes fail
  • How to ensure successful outcomes of an energy management programme: The tested governance framework
  • The 14 skillsets of a highly effective Energy Manager
  • What are the real economics of energy management
  • Where and how to apply the ESCO model
  • How to procure and sell energy management service
  • The 10 myths of energy management
  • How to save the climate at the speed of light by making every consumer an Energy Manager
  • How do regulations and standards influence energy efficiency
  • Integrated energy management© and not integrated facility management
  • Sustainable or continuous retrofitting for energy governance


Sougata Nandi

The author of ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN REAL ESTATE: THE SECRETS TO SUCCESS, Sougata is an Energy Engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur and Powai) and the second LEED®️ AP from the UAE. Sougata established one of the first corporate sustainable development programmes in the Middle East, in the 2000s. The multiple-award-winning programme not only reduced carbon emissions across the corporation’s portfolio of over 70 existing and under-construction buildings but also delivered 5 of the first 12 LEED®️-certified green buildings in the UAE. This paved the way for the green building transformation in the UAE.

Subsequently, as CEO of a path-breaking automation company, Sougata led the successful establishment of the Emirates Energy Star (EES) programme, in collaboration with the leading Telco in UAE. Within two years, EES became the fastest-growing energy-conservation programme in the world.

Sougata has chaired and has been a member of the jury of several prestigious Awards programmes. In addition to implementing more than 200 clean-tech projects, spanning energy and water management; LEED®️-certification; on-grid Solar PV; sustainable master planning & infrastructure design, using business models and technologies — like ESCO, IoT and M2M — and winning multiple awards, in the process, Sougata has mentored over 100 engineers to become Energy Managers.

Sougata’s current Mission is to Make Every Consumer an Energy Manager.

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