Energy-conservation policies, withdrawal of subsidies and strong engagement between developers and consultants – these factors contribute to making Oman an attractive market for energy-efficient technologies and to paving the way for greater adoption of VRF systems. The sale of VRF systems in Oman has grown substantially in value and total cooling capacity sold. Growth rates in market volume have been higher during the last few years. In the last five years alone, VRF systems have found vital acceptance in Oman and in other GCC region countries – this is evident in the number of new brands looking to enter the market.

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Event Format

The conference will follow the traditional and time-tested format of Plenary Session discussions and addresses involving government agencies and think-tanks, followed by technical presentations and panel discussions involving consultants, contractors, developers, industry associations, manufacturers and suppliers.

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Why attend?

  • Learn about government-led initiatives on energy efficiency in the Sultanate of Oman and the other parts of the GCC region
  • Learn about innovations in VRF systems, energy efficiency and best practices related to design, installation and optimisation
  • Listen to discussions on regional regulations related to VRF systems
  • Listen to consultants, contractors and developers expand on their experiences and expectations out of VRF systems
  • Opportunity to collaborate and partner with VRF manufacturers in arriving at solutions as per the specific requirements of projects
  • Opportunity to see live demonstrations of VRF systems and better understand their specific features
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VRF is an upcoming technology that is capturing markets. However, the key aspect here is proper application. Understanding the working concepts of the system is important to realize maximum benefits

- Sagar Kulkarni, Managing Director, Consistent Engineering Consultants

The VRF performance on partial load is beneficial due to the gap of ∆T between summer and winter in UAE

- Ahmed Elkiki, Director of Technical Services & Projects, RAK Hospitality

Great forum to discuss SEER

- Nabil Shahin, Director of Marketing, Daikin

It's a great change to discuss the system issues with its professionals to sort out and understand more details

- Tariq Al AmmourManaging Partner, ITAC Construction LLC

An excellent opportunity to gather with industry peers to discuss a subject that is likely to impact us all in one way or another.

- Mark Wilson, Building Services Practice Lead, WS Atkins

Well organised seminar and has moved from strength to strength.

- Santosh Devassy, Marketing Director, Rheem

Informative & enlightening conference.

- Ayah Abusara, EIE Engineer, Diamond Developers

Conference must be an opportunity for suppliers to join forces to sell the idea of VRF as a most-worthy option and as being able to compete with additional features.

- Juma Yousef, CEO, Getco

Commitment by CPI Industry in HVAC is commendable

- Prasath, Business Development Manager, AHI Carrier

Great effort to push VRF products in the market.

- Utpal Joshi, Consulting Sales, Daikin

Refrigerant leaked out from a VRF system is a waste that could never be replaced.

- Nimal Amukotuwa, Consulting Engineer

Informative seminar.

- Imran Shauch, Senior Mechanical Engineer, CKR Consulting